Ever Learning


In The Fear of the Lord by John Bevere, he makes a statement that has resonated in my mind. He speaks of people who know the word, quote it, but never apply it. We can all point fingers to those in our lives who meet this criteria but how many of us are wise enough to look deep within ourselves to examine that truth?

I did just that this week. I began by asking the Lord to examine me and expose those things which I know to be true in the word but do not play out in my life. I discovered some amazing truths that must now either be applied or ignored. Ignoring them comes with a high price because it means I deal with the consequence.

My first realization comes that even though I work in a church, spend a lot of time in prayer over matters of the people, spend a lot of hours working in that setting, that it doesn’t constitute a personal relationship with God. Boundaries over my time would allow my prayer life to flourish. Someone asked me recently if it was about time management? I quickly said no but upon review recognize that it is. I allow the needs of the many to outweigh the needs of myself. It’s a pride issue for sure because just as selfish people don’t take the time to pray for others, neither do I take the time to set boundaries for my personal life. You can get so wrapped up in the service to others that in the end you’ve done a disservice to yourself. In this area of my life, although I lament, I don’t change which exactly exemplifies the statement John Bevere made of ever learning but never applying.

Second, I love to write. It is my passion and the way that I express myself best. I have been given a word from the Lord to write and what to write about. I go through spurts of passionate pursuit and then nothing. This must change or next year I will writing this exact thing again.

For many years I thought if I hired help for the household chores that it would free me up to work. That is exactly opposite of what needs to happen. I have to hire help for work so that I am not consumed there.

Yes, we can all point fingers at our friends who know the word but it doesn’t manifest in their life or we can apply the knowledge to ourselves. I want to choose the better thing, I choose to apply it to myself.

3 thoughts on “Ever Learning

  1. Wow, Susan, I was just thinking about this today. To meet goals I set for myself years ago, I have to now eliminate a few obligations which have stood in the way (or I have used them as excuses not to focus, take your pick). We all set ourselves up to fail by overreaching and being over committed to way too many things.

    I refuse to do that to my son but I’ve done it plenty to myself. I want to serve the Lord through music but it takes a specific commitment not normally seen in business—touring. I’m afraid the fear of not being able to get an audience daunts me more than I admit. On the other hand, too many of my relatives and church family have tried to steer me away from even trying. I’m now in a state of mind of do or die.

    So I get what you’re saying 100% because I let those who have their own agendas rule my calling and discourage me from pursuing it.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers about this…

  2. As ever, Pastor Susan, your post is a blessing and very thought provoking! Two things stood out for me:

    (1) “I began by asking the Lord to examine me and expose those things which I know to be true in the word but do not play out in my life. I discovered some amazing truths that must now either be applied or ignored.” Early on in my walk with the Lord I learned something about Him that continues to prove itself true every day of my life: When we are ready and willing to ask the questions, He provides the answers, but only then. He does not force things on us, but interacts with us at the pace we’re able to handle, thus establishing what we and He love: an interactive, two-way relationship.

    (2) “I allow the needs of the many to outweigh the needs of myself.” This is also descriptive of burn-out. A few years back a Bible teacher found it imperative to get away and refill what he had emptied out for others. Replenished, he said, “Good! Now I can get back to ministering,” but the Lord stopped him. “No. You need more. You need to learn to minister out of the overflow, otherwise you’ll quickly become empty again.” So, too, with regard to intercession. Yes, we put ourselves right with the Lord before we pray for others, but how often do we make time for the pleasure of our own relationship with Him? From that point we can more readily offer to others what they need.

    Thank you for another wonderful, insightful post!

    All of Heaven’s best to you and yours,

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