Say Yes To The Dress

Have you seen this show on television? I had not ever watched it before until a friend suggested it to me. At first glance this is a crazy mess of mothers who want to relive their wedding fantasies. I sat there stunned as mothers said to their daughters that the dress of their daughter’s dreams were not as important as the dress of the mother’s dream. In other words, I thought, you’ll get to pick the dress you want when your daughter gets married.

Then you see the daughters who have not fallen far from the mother’s tree. The mothers have clearly spelled out the budget. The daughters could clearly care less. “I know what she said”, one daughter exclaimed, “but I know that I’m the only daughter and I usually get my way.”

Thus begins the war. It’s such a complicated relationship with a mother and daughter. You must know when to speak up and when to be quiet. I admit I am not good at this as it was recently pointed out, I’m trying to do better now! Watching just a few episodes of this show made me wonder if I should just begin praying for wisdom when it comes to my daughters getting married. Maybe I should even begin praying for a muzzle?

One thing was for sure, it’s important for a daughter to receive her mother’s approval ultimately. At at the end of each show, whether the right dress was found or not, there was a bond between these two women that goes beyond love. Every time I saw a daughter come out of that dressing room beaming in the, no I mean “the” dress, the mother teared up and their eyes would meet. Suddenly all the squabbling subsided and hugs abounded. I realized even though it’s difficult I prefer my daughter’s happiness over my opinion. Yes, it’s hard to say, but it’s the truth of my heart and I believe it’s the truth of any mother’s heart.

One thought on “Say Yes To The Dress

  1. Yes, I’m gonna’ have the same problem when Jesse has to choose one of those…not! 😉

    But I get it and I don’t think this is so different from dads who want their boys or girls to choose certain options for their lives—the college, the career, etc. We place a lot of stock in our own journey and wish our kids could share it. What I decided to work on now while he’s young is supporting his journey—even though it hurts sometimes. There will be times when I’m just not going to be included in his journey just because…

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