7 thoughts on “Let’s Sue Mom For Damages

  1. OH MY GO- this tale is extra ordinary. I just cannot believe it made it into the legal system. Bad mothering is about neglect, starvation & abuse, not about a birthday card without money involved. OMG. Amazing.

    1. Bad mothering. Somehow it doesn’t illicit a thought in my head about a birthday card without money in it. What surprises me most about this is that the kids were not children being swayed by their father. The children were adults who drank the punch that the mother was horrible for having boundaries. The brainwashing of the father is one thing, I know it happens, the utter disregard for their mother who loved them, cared for them and is their MOTHER blows me away. Thanks for reading wordsfallfrommyeyes!

  2. Wow! So the mother was guilty of being a mother, having a sense of humor and basically not putting up with the husband’s over-the-top attitude. If he was in this case, it was just to harass her and not to win. The message he sent the kids is that they should be indulged.

    1. I believe it was to harass her and to turn her children away from her. What’s more is that she had to defend herself at great expense while they paid nothing to waste the court system’s time. I keep thinking that one day when she is gone from this earth, they may end up with deep regret for how they treated their mother.

      1. The courts, however, would’ve made the plaintiff pay if they lost the case. The fact that the dad and his partners risked such a deal showed they just wanted to harass her. But all the legal fees are paid by the loser in such cases if the judge deems it frivolous.

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