Dirty Dishes

Recently the question was posed if we ever praised God for dirty dishes in the sink? NO! Was my resounding reply.

My answer was wrong because as it was pointed out to me, I need to be grateful that I have dirty dishes in the sink, it means my house had food to eat. I liked this attitude and I began to think of all the things I need to praise God for:

My bad hair day, because I am not going through chemo or radiation and my hair is still on my head.

My toilet and sinks that need cleaning because there are people who still live without such luxuries in their homes.

Laundry that needs to be done because it means I have clothing and linens to use. I don’t have to use the same thing daily.

A house to clean because in this economy it’s not a guarantee.

A car to wash.

A job to go to.

Well you get the picture! Today look around at the work your hands do and instead of complaining rejoice because you have it so good!

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