Equality For Women Doesn’t Measure Up

Abercrombie kids, padded swimwear

Growing up I was raised by a feminist woman. I was told I could be whatever I wanted to be. Limits were not placed on my achievement in education or career just because I was born female. Once in the corporate world, I was given classes on how to speak, voice inflection and command, in order to be taken seriously in a boardroom. I was taught to dress professionally, not denying the fact that I was a woman but not flaunting my sexuality because I wanted to be taken seriously. This was the legacy of the women who fought hard for their equality in the workplace.

I look around at the toddler and and tiara set of females we are raising today and am left wondering what happened? On the one hand we scream for equality and on the other hand we dress our daughters like pole dancers. Padded bras for 8 year-olds, sexually suggestive clothing and wording, and makeup way too soon, is this the legacy for the next generation? What happened?

I read this article in the Patriot Post and I am not the only one shaking her head. Suzanne Fields makes a great point and this is a great read!

8 thoughts on “Equality For Women Doesn’t Measure Up

  1. You are not the only one shaking your head in shock and disapproval over sexualised materials marketed to little girls. I may not be a parent but sexualisation of a child to me is not normal and unacceptable. It only destroys a child

  2. “Why,” asks Jennifer Moses in The Wall Street Journal, “do so many of us not only permit our teenage daughters to dress like this — like prostitutes, if we’re being honest with ourselves — but pay for them to do it with our AmEx cards?”

    sometimes, because it’s far from the easy path to find the better options.

    my kid was only 8 last summer. do you want to know how many stores and sites i had to search to finally find her a 1 piece swimsuit with appropriate neckline and realistic leg hole height, and in a girls size 7/8 too small for any teen to have even been able to fit the skimpy options that every store seemed to think was the only thing to stock after girls grew out of little mermaid and dora?
    (ironically, joe boxer seems to be the main brand we’ve found with halfway modest styles…)

    the challenge to find shorts that reach even an inch beyond covering her underwear is another round…

    and we’ve pretty much come to accept that any dresses that are sleeveless are going to be cut so that they have to have a shirt under them.

    granted, part of this may be the fact that i go the cheap route on most of the stuff i know she’s going to be playing in or outgrowing quickly… but when i can’t find a decent length short for an elementary school kid at walmart, kmart, target, or old navy except for the longer uniform style dress shorts if that…. i can only imagine how many parents just give up and grab whatever happens to be there even if it wouldn’t be their first choice.

  3. (i’m tempted to buy shorts in about the next 5 sizes this summer while the bermuda length thankfully seems to be back in again this year enough to have some decent shorts options this round… who knows for how long lol)

    1. Okay, now you have my curiosity up. I’m going to specifically look around at kids clothing because there’s gotta be someone making some reasonably priced clothing for kids. Seriously if there isn’t, Blue, you may have a new business to start. It’s really sad that stores like Target and Kmart can’t give moms choices!! I had no idea it was a struggle and not a choice.

  4. Blue, JCPenney, has their shorts sorted by length. 3″, 5″, 9″, 11″. I haven’t bought children’s clothes in forever so I have no idea how the pricing measures up. Let me know!

    Also the bathing suits looks cute and decent, although that can be deceiving because you can’t tell the cut in the leg or how it hangs on the body.

    The dresses were mixed in pricing but I value your opinion. Let me know how it measures up to what you’ve seen and if they are something Boo would feel comfortable in, and if they are in your budget. This is really an important issue. Thanks!

    1. when i clicked on 5 inch, then into the girls 7-16 section, it gave me just 2 options. lol

      the bermudas being in helps a lot this year… imagine the <a href=http://www4.jcpenney.com/jcp/XGN.aspx?DeptID=77892&CatID=77909&SO=0&Ne=5+29+3+8+1031+18+904+949&x5view=1&shopperType=G&N=4294939990+460&Nao=0&PSO=0&CmCatId=77892|77909&mscssid=68f2ba147ca03454891b3a8674ef3d848xMnVNoVza3WxMnVNoVza3o200B99DDFA569541E387591B547CAB830BBF1108916)7-16 sizes page without most of the bermuda length…. and replace them with more varieties of the ones they have labelled the dolphin short to imagine.

      for length comparison, these shorts that look like they have some leg length when flat fit boo like this. if you close, you can almost see the black under her shirt. (the other two girls have their shirts tied at the waist…)

      so, i’d pretty much eliminate the dolphin style as looking shorter… which of course would be exactly the ones boo would want. not because they are short or other girls wearing them, but because they are the ones that have the prettier bright colors instead of all the plaids and mesh in the longer lengths
      (i wonder, do they intentionally make the longer ones in the less appealing patterns to girls? so that the times that you can find them you walk into a battle over cuter vs appropriate to get the kid to wear them?)

      the ones they have as roll waist shorts look about the same length as her volleyball ones so those and the knit bermudas after them would probably both work well.

      which actually is better than we fared last year with most stores.
      eventually i waited till i didnt have her along to see it, and went over to the boys section and bought black, denim, and a few bright solid colored (red, yellow, and dark purple i think…) from there instead… where they were easily found, cheap, and no length issues. too bad boys arent usually into pinks… lol

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