Get A Bigger Bully

When the bully at school took your lunch money what did you do? Some people had an older sibling they’d go to or they had a friend who had a older sibling. They would go to that older sibling and tell them their problem and the older, bigger sibling would go up to that bully and push back, and often the bully left them alone. Your solution to the bully problem was going and getting a bigger bully. I always envied the kids who had older siblings!

Well what’s changed from those days? Honestly, think about it, you have a bully that picks on

YOU all the time!

His name is Satan and he comes and tries to take your lunch money most days. Only now the situation looks helpless! Calling our older sibling seems silly as what can they really do to help us in these adult situations? So Satan keeps on picking on you and he dares you to call on your friends for backup because he thinks he can take them too.

Only you have the key in your pocket! Maybe you haven’t thought about it but the way you handled it as a kid works!

Jesus is your elder brother.

All you need to do is go tell your older brother that the bully down the street is picking on you. The same way you used to combat the natural bully is how you combat the spiritual bully. Call Jesus into the fight, he belongs to a whole kingdom that has an army on the ready to fight your battles. And let me just tell you a secret,

Satan is scared of Jesus.

So the next time you find yourself being bullied, don’t cry, don’t lose sleep, don’t worry or stress, and certainly don’t give up your lunch money!  Just go get a bigger bully!

2 thoughts on “Get A Bigger Bully

  1. I went to my elder brother last night and I can say had a solid peaceful sleep, I did not wake up once until it was time to get ready for work. Thank you Jesus I haven’t had a peaceful and restful night like that in a long time. I think TLC class last night was awesome and helped:)

  2. I think the first time I realized this I whooped. It’s so nice to know the devil is scared of the Master because it means I don’t have to be…

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