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There are usually three reasons that people change.

The first reason is they are inspired to change. Inspire means to affect, guide or stimulate through action. In other words, the person wakes up to the possibilities in their life, and they determine by prompting or through guidance to change an aspect of their life either in a positive way or negative way as change goes both ways. They determine that the place they are in is not where they want to stay and they make a decision to change rather than get stagnant. This is the least painful kind of change because it means there is a true agreement with change. It doesn’t make it the easiest as change isn’t easy, but it makes it the least painful.

The second reason someone changes is because they learn enough to change. Just as we went from big fat crayons in Kindergarten, to pencils in first grade, to pens in third grade, we learn to change. This is not an adaptation but rather a concerted effort on a person’s part to change. This means old habits have to go. Forming new habits can be a difficult thing. As we learn, we grow, and hopefully change. This is my inspiration to continue to read and access new thought processes because I know I can make things easier on myself. I love discussions with others on what works in their lives because as I learn I can adapt those new ideas to my life. This is the best course for change because if what we are learning is positive. then the change becomes positive as well.

The third reason we change is because we hurt enough to change. This is the most painful way to change and yet often it’s the only one which motivates us to change. We’ve all heard about that man who through work and outside influences neglected his first wife to the point that she left him. He then finds and marries the second wife and treats her like a queen. He wasn’t inspired to change and he didn’t learn to change, he hurt enough to change. Sometimes things have to just fall apart before we determine that a change needs to take place. Human nature is interesting because there are clues all around us to provoke the change, and yet we continually ignore the clues thinking they aren’t really going to happen, but deep down knowing they will. The human mind rationalizes things very well.

Change in any of these three ways is never easy. It requires diligence. Change is also inevitable if we are going to move forward in our lives so it must happen periodically. The key is to change those things in your life that are needed so that we can grow and move to new levels in our lives. We all know people who get left behind in a thought process because they haven’t adapted to the new climate and atmosphere in their world. Let us be diligent to examine ourselves and to if not embrace change, be open to the possibility that it may be necessary.

May you always be inspired, through learning, to make the necessary positive changes in your life!