I Don’t Do THAT!

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I don’t cuss.
I don’t watch television.
I don’t drink alcohol.
I don’t wear tank tops.
I don’t eat pork.
I don’t listen to rock music.
I don’t have tattoos.
I don’t miss church.

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t. The religious have filled themselves with their rules that they want to impose on others. God cares just as much about we do.

I do have a deep relationship with God.
I do have love for others.
I do extend a helping hand.
I do fail from time to time, but I try again.
I do cut people a break.
I do talk to people about God and my faith.
I do try to be patient.

Saying “I do” doesn’t mean that I am in agreement with what is going on your life. “I do” merely means that I am committed to helping you through it. “I do” resolve to not judge your motives but only your actions because I find that my own “don’ts” have me just as bound in my judgment as you are in your sin. If I take a step back they are equally disdainful in the eyes of the Lord we profess to serve. What makes the “I don’t” crowd better than the Pharisees in the days of Jesus if they use that as a measuring stick to righteousness, rather than the love we show one towards another?

Be careful that your measuring stick of holiness is not solely in your “I Don’t” or “I Do” confessions but rather that it’s measured by what the word has to say.