I Don’t Do THAT!

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I don’t cuss.
I don’t watch television.
I don’t drink alcohol.
I don’t wear tank tops.
I don’t eat pork.
I don’t listen to rock music.
I don’t have tattoos.
I don’t miss church.

I don’t, I don’t, I don’t. The religious have filled themselves with their rules that they want to impose on others. God cares just as much about we do.

I do have a deep relationship with God.
I do have love for others.
I do extend a helping hand.
I do fail from time to time, but I try again.
I do cut people a break.
I do talk to people about God and my faith.
I do try to be patient.

Saying “I do” doesn’t mean that I am in agreement with what is going on your life. “I do” merely means that I am committed to helping you through it. “I do” resolve to not judge your motives but only your actions because I find that my own “don’ts” have me just as bound in my judgment as you are in your sin. If I take a step back they are equally disdainful in the eyes of the Lord we profess to serve. What makes the “I don’t” crowd better than the Pharisees in the days of Jesus if they use that as a measuring stick to righteousness, rather than the love we show one towards another?

Be careful that your measuring stick of holiness is not solely in your “I Don’t” or “I Do” confessions but rather that it’s measured by what the word has to say.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Do THAT!

  1. This issue has been on my heart a lot of late. I’ve been extremely frustrated by the lack of openness in the church in general. We have this “don’t” list we use as a means of smoke screening our own sins. I’d so much rather have a guy come up and tell me he’s struggling with porn or alcohol than acting like he has no sin at all.

    In fact, what’s wrong with us as a church? Isn’t the body of Christ a place for people to confess their sins without condemnation and find healing? What is it James says? “Confess your sins to one another that you may be healed”

    It’s just sad that we’ve come to believe ‘church face” is acceptable before God.

    1. I’ve been sitting with this as well. i am somewhat taken aback by the thought that our humanity can be held against us. This is going to sound strange in a culture that likes to crucify, but I watched a documentary on Ted Haggard on HBO. Now, that he has come to himself, admitted his error and is open and willing to be restored, where can he go? If he can’t turn to the church then what hope is there? This is lying heavy on my spirit as I reconcile it all.

  2. That’s why I offer to anyone around me acceptance as far as company goes. I may not approve of their specific sin or agree with their conclusions about life but I don’t condemn them either.

    On the other hand, if a person tells me there’s nothing wrong with an action or choice I know the Bible calls sin, I will gently let them know what it says. If they refuse to acknowledge it as such, they have denied God. Ted Haggard has admitted his actions were out of line with God, there’s nothing more to be said than “love ya, brother!”. Anything else is arrogance to me.

    1. You know, John Bevere says that he spoke to Jim Baker while he was in prison. He asked Jim Baker when he lost his love of the Lord. Jim Baker told John Bevere that he never lost his love of the Lord but that he lost his fear of the Lord. Jon, this is a key. We all run around saying we love Jesus but we judge and hold ourselves above others because we don’t fear what the Word says. YIKES.

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