15 Minutes

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This morning started out like any other. I was getting ready for work, my husband was taking the kids to school. At 7:45 a.m., Lulu was outside, the house was all to myself and I saw an opportunity to change the bed sheets. Only I took one look at my bed and decided that I was so tired, I wanted to just go back to bed. So I did. I laid down and covered up and just had one of those random thoughts about nothing moments.

In a short amount of time and without a thought in my head, I began to sing a Spanish song, Estar Contigo. The chorus says, “to be with You is the best decision I could’ve ever made. Your blessings could stop if you remained by my side. I would be complete as long as I can be with You.” All I can explain was that it was just a random shout directly from my heart to the heart of God. Then the peace of God washed over me and I felt a connection. There were no words spoken between us. Just being together was overwhelming and right.

I got up and finished getting ready. My morning completely changed in the span of 15 minutes. That’s all it took. Prayer doesn’t always have to have words. Sometimes, being together is enough. My day went so beautifully after that. Get quiet and let your heart speak.

5 thoughts on “15 Minutes

  1. Thank you, pastor Susan, for this post and so many others. I read this blog every morning and am frequently encouraged, often moved to ponder and learn.

    I also love those little times of worship, no matter where or when. I also love that many of them are “you, too?” moments. While making the bed one day (really!) that beautiful song Un Lugar Celestial came to mind. “Just a little bit of Heaven, sent from up above….” How wonderful, those personal touches from the Father, for they carry us through so much!

    All of Heaven’s best,

    1. Margaret,
      So good to hear from you! I love those “you, too?”, moments when the person you are speaking to actually gets it. We serve such a beautiful Lord who joins us even in the mundane tasks of making the bed. Nothing is too trivial. We are so blessed to be loved so much! Blessings to you!

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