Still Keeping Your Workout Resolution? 201001/21/ miss-cali...l-workout/ 15459/

My Aunt Helen says this is posted at her gym. I loved it and wanted to print it to remind myself!

My trainer

is my shepherd; I shall

not weigh more.

She maketh me to lie down in green sweatpants;

she ordereth me to

do situps.

She sendeth me down jogging trails of endless length for my hearts sake.


though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the bakery,

I will

fear no pastry,

for she art with me;

her fruits and her veggies they comfort me. And I shall dwell in the

house of the gym

for half an hour everyday.


5 thoughts on “Still Keeping Your Workout Resolution?

    1. Girl, I hear you. I have lost a pant size and have been rejoicing over the weight loss and then today, my car had a mind of its own and drove to the donut shop for a plain old fashioned donut. I hate when that happens! Secretly though I was tired of oatmeal and fruit and it was a SINFUL DELIGHT!

  1. HA HA HA, you’re too funny, last night I ate 1 donut, and this morning I followed it up with 2 more donuts!! and that is on top of double stuff oreo cookie-n-cream ice-cream with hot fudge and coolwhip, and a chocolate chip cookie cake I ate everyday this week!!!

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