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Bishop Richard Heard told this story and I loved it and thought I’d share it with you.

A Pastor was hosting an Evangelist at his church. Times were tough so he decided to have the Evangelist stay in his home to save money. Each day the Pastor and the Evangelist would come home for dinner the Pastor would go into the kitchen to check on how dinner was coming along. The Pastor would then call the family to dinner and he’d either announce, “FHB” or “MIK” while praying.

The Evangelist couldn’t figure out what FHB or MIK stood for but because he was a guest in their home, he felt funny about asking. Yet night after night the Pastor would announce, “FHB” or “MIK”. The Evangelist was desperately curious.

Finally on the last day of the revival, the Pastor and the Evangelist were talking. The Pastor was thanking the Evangelist for all of his hard work for the kingdom and blessing him as he spent the last night with him. The Evangelist thanked the Pastor for his hospitality. The Pastor said, “I sense there is something you want to ask me.” The Evangelist sighed and said, “Yes! I’ve been wanting to ask you what does FHB and MIK mean?”

The Pastor chuckled and told the Evangelist that times had been tough for his family. So each night he’d check on dinner and his wife would let him know if there was very little food or an abundance of food for the evening meal. He had taught his children that they were to show preference to their guest so each night as he called them to dinner he would say, “FHB” meaning Family Hold Back or “MIK” meaning More In The Kitchen.

You know your Father in Heaven has never said to you, “FHB”. With God, he has always said to you, “MIK”. So what is holding you back from reaching your goals? If your goals are God breathed, there is always MIK.

3 thoughts on “More In The Kitchen!

  1. Just wanted you to know that I’ve put my faith where my mouth is (or as a blogger, fingers are) and stepped up to the plate by taking two days a month to work solely on music/ministry part of my service to God. This means one day not earning money the traditional way and trusting God to provide.

  2. Yeah, being in the center of God’s will is where we find the provision because only then are we have the right place, at the right time for the right work and to be open to His movement in our lives.

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