2010 Resolution #3


My third resolution for the year is to put my husband before my job, my children and my parents. We are doing The Love Dare in our couple’s bible study. I’m so ready to open that book and begin our study. I often neglect my husband. Not on purpose. We both know the importance of time together but many times, we kiss goodbye in the morning and our day begins and we don’t touch bases again until 9-9:30 at night. AND WE WORK TOGETHER!

So there are times when I actually schedule time and call my husband and say, “Let’s go eat and stare at each other for an hour.” Or I will call him on a Friday afternoon about 2 ish and tell him to meet for a secret date at the movies. I’ll say, “I want to sit with you in the dark and hold your hand and share popcorn.” Can I just tell you that it’s not often I do that? Can I be honest and say our weekly date nights have become routine and it’s mostly my fault? I am the planner and so I have a bigger responsibility. God has called me as a wife to make my husband a priority and sometimes I don’t. Not on purpose, I’m not mad at him or anything. I simply put work before him. So I am going to make each day count. I want to spend the rest of my life being his girlfriend so I need to put in more effort.

Oasis if your marriage is struggling right now and you are thinking about divorce, let me just say, you’d be better off working on this marriage. Your next one will be better, make no mistake about it, not because the spouse is better but because you will have learned some lessons to make it better. Why not just take the lessons you’ve learned and fix this one?

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