2 thoughts on “An Article On Church Hoppers

  1. Hi Pastor Susan,

    This morning, I would like to say “thank you” for providing this list but am unsure I can. Granted, I’ve not perused the rest of the Web site nor read the book from which the list was gleaned, so my concerns may only because I’ve taken this list out of context. For now, all I can say is that the list makes me very sad.

    I know some in the body have many excuses and use them to continue their own way, yet there are others who’ve experienced awful things. These people, I believe, are quite brave in searching out another fellowship of believers.

    Some of my heart friends have given everything they had (time, resources and talents) and when they were worn out and needed to regroup and refresh were tossed aside as worthless. Another heart friend was called a witch and people in church were warned to avoid her because she had the nerve to say, “Let’s verify everything we hear with the Word of God.” I have been told that, yes, my husband and I are wonderful but no one in that church had time for one more relationship. When offering to serve and providing contact information to another person in leadership, I was asked “What do you expect me to do with this?” then avoided from that moment forward.

    Please believe it is not my purpose to criticize those who are called to watch over us with care, nor to drive a wedge between members of the family of God. All I’m trying to say is that not everyone’s experience in church is positive, nor do we always know why they’ve left their former church home, so we might want to think twice before pigeonholing them based upon an initial conversation.

    Having said all that, let me close by thanking you for an ongoing, encouraging blog, one that positively and Biblically nudges me along in my daily walk with the Lord.

  2. Hi Margaret,

    I was thinking of you a few days ago when I noticed my mother-in-law was Facebook friends with Mark Kenoly a good friend of yours. Thanks for writing in.

    Yes, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. This article isn’t talking about those who stayed in a church and tried to serve only to be rejected by gatekeepers. This article is dealing with those who go from church to church. It’s more about someone who never gets plugged in and their own reasonings for it.

    You and I both have seen the myriad of people whose good intentions got trampled. The ones whose motivation was only to serve as unto the Lord. The Lord gave me a vision of our church once. In it, people were arriving with luggage. Not just a suitcase or two, but piles of luggage, even backpacks on their backs. Our church was to be a hospital for spiritually wounded people. This article isn’t talking about them.

    This article is talking about seekers who never find. Thanks for reading it from your perspective. I never put the wounded soldier in the mix when I read this and I would never want them to think otherwise!

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