If The Shoe Fits

www.flickr.com/ photos/mjeppsen/ 2548484655/
http://www.flickr.com/ photos/mjeppsen/ 2548484655/

Ah, shoes and me go together! Except for bed I wear them all the time. There is a shoe store that has rows and rows and rows of shoes and I like to go through each and every row, try shoes on and walk around. Right now, me and a pair of Carlos Santanas have a thing going on but my eye is always roving so that may change. I’m a very loyal friend but loyalty ends at my shoes.

I justify my shoe habit quite well thank you very much. You see, God is concerned about soles! I need shoes I don’t just want them. See, I use shoes for occasions; there are shoes that I wear to workout, they are two pairs of New Balance light blue and dark blue and they work perfectly at the gym. My Santanas would never do at the gym. There are casual shoes like my Sketchers or church shoes like my Via Spigas. All kinds for all different things, hey I even have bowling shoes for my annual voyage to the alley. And of course there are my flip-flops!

When I was a kid I clomped around in my mom’s shoes and my grandma’s shoes. I liked wearing them but they didn’t fit. It wasn’t time for me to wear them yet and they weren’t for me in the first place. I clomped around in them pretending that they fit and believing that they made me grown up.

I wear a size 7.5 shoe. I always try them on at the store because sometimes they run a little small and I have to get an 8, other times they fit but are uncomfortable and other times, they looked better in the box than on my feet. I buy them to fit me. I am not trying to be anyone else in them. I buy the ones I like and I don’t worry about other shoes that other women pick, their style isn’t necessarily mine. I am comfortable in my own shoes and I know what is for me and what isn’t. I am getting decidedly better at weeding out those yesterday shoes and giving them to Goodwill rather than hanging onto them knowing I will never wear them again.

So, tell me great women, what things in your life have you been wearing because someone else told you it looked good but you aren’t quite convinced that you’d pick on your own? What things do you wear because it’s tradition passed on from your mom and you clomp around in it but it doesn’t fit, possibly because it was never for you? What things do you wear that are uncomfortable? What was a great fashion, YES, at the time, but is a great fashion, NO, and you just can’t seem to part with it? Have you figured out that we aren’t talking about shoes anymore? Do you have options as your life transitions from situation to situation or do you stand in the gym wearing the heels?

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