Raising Men


I remember all to well the gasps and disdain when I pushed my little bird out of the nest. After all, he was a respectful young man-child, he wasn’t in trouble, he was working and he was being productive. However, he had completed four years of college and I had to decide did I want to raise a boy or a man? Did I want him to think that a woman would take care of him or did I want to release him to his most excellent future? I decided to give him 90 days to move out. He wasn’t causing problems, he was helpful, he was caring, but a man has got to be a man or I have failed as a mother. So the push came.

I am proud to say that he is a good man now. He stands on his own, he knows who he is and he is a man in whom I am well pleased! It wasn’t easy but babies they are not. No woman wants a man-child who can’t step out and make it on his own. No woman wants a man-child who spends his days playing video games. Oh, lots of girls tolerate all of these sad behaviors for awhile, but pretty soon they become nags who need their man-child to grow up. He’s got to have some drive to succeed. He’s got to be bold and step out into a fiercely competitive world. Oftentimes, as mothers we are our man-child’s biggest hinderance to launching especially if dad is missing we then tend over compensate for their lack of fathering.

I am pleased to say that my second man-child has just today, received his letter of acceptance to college. I am proud of him. We have prepped him for this time and it is time to release our arrow into the world to make a difference.

In William J. Bennett’s op ed piece for Fox News, Have We Forgotten How to Raise Boys Into Men? he concisely says what is needed in our society. It’s a great read and I thought I would share it with you today!