The Obstacle in My Path


Sitting with my husband discussing a negative situation in my life. He looks patiently at me as I talk. He answers slowly in his Southern Style and it goes like this:

“Susan what do you do when you’re walking along a path and you step in dog poop?”

“Ewww , I immediately get it off. It’s so irritating when people let their dogs run wherever and don’t clean up after them.”

“Exactly, you get that stuff off of you as quickly as possible and you never stop to smell it or dwell on it. This is the same reasoning you should use when faced with certain situations.  You stepped in dog poop today so go get it off. It teaches you three things. One, it teaches you there was a dog in your path.  Two it taught you that the dog is not where it is supposed to be and therefore out of order. Three it was sent there to take you off course and distract you. Stay focused.”



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