Heaven, Hell and the Suicide Debate



This question was raised again in my life this week: “How can someone who commits suicide go to heaven?”

What is the difference between a diabetic saint who through poor diet and a refusal of a  lifestyle change, begins to lose limbs and eventually dies, the overweight saint with high cholesterol who eats one more burger to a massive heart attack  which kills them, the careless saint who reads the warning not to step on the top of the ladder and does and falls to her death, or the saint who suffers from major depression? Did they not all take their own life?

We tend to have degrees of suicide or rather, forgivable suicides and unforgivable suicides. Does God have mercy on the obese but not the depressed? Or can we determine that his measuring stick is not ours and that he ultimately decides what he forgives and what he doesn’t?


One thought on “Heaven, Hell and the Suicide Debate

  1. The only other person who truely know the suicidal persons thoughts is god. I find it hard to believe that in this day and age anyone believes that God can not forgive someone taking their own life. An abused teenager who has had the ultimate sin committed against them decides they can’t live in this world anymore – because this is the only way they can see the pain stopping.. will god show no mercy and send this tortured child to hell? I think not. A tormented man takes the life of his family and repents and asks forgiveness before taking his own life? Kind of a white line because he committed a terrible sin, but in the end asked forgiveness…and all our lives we have heard ask God for forgiveness and he shall do so. Should he go to hell? In the end it is not up to us to decide, nor speculate on what God will do. In the end it is between God and the suicidal person.

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