Lie Witness News

Jimmy Kimmel does this skit on his show where he interviews fans of celebrities and asks them questions about the celebrity that aren’t true to get their reaction. All I have to say is, from a father who lies to the camera about his daughter’s reaction to something that never happened, to girls who really showed no character or thought process to the questions being asked, we need to start teaching what really matters!

5 thoughts on “Lie Witness News

  1. This is an example of people getting caught up like deer in headlights. They just dont listen to the question good enough..and if the person asking the question is convincing enough, well if just goes right over their heads.

  2. I got to the daughter comment and had to stop…funny in a really, really, really scary way

      1. Yeah. The fact that he obviously didn’t know anything but outright lied about the fact that his daughter did just got to me.

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