In the last few minutes of 2012 I am reflecting on how this year went. We started out 2012 as we start each year with a 21 day fast to seek the face of God for His will for us in the new year. Apostle Reegis Richard came at the end of the fast and prophesied over us that 2012 would be the restoration of all things. It was that and more.

I slowed it down in 2012, although my husband would raise his eyebrows and snort at that statement! I took a day off each week even when I couldn’t. I took a study day each week until October, when a series of mishaps happened at the RMA store which launched me into working there steadily on top of my regular job. Life brings learning curves! Good thing I am a quick study!

There was, as there always is when you follow God, adventure. We discovered what it was like to be empty nest people. Dreams do come true. My dream was to have peace and quiet and a clean house and VIOLA! it’s magically delicious! Only, well, now I’m remodeling so things aren’t where they will eventually be when it’s over. I got rid of the red couch and the gold walls and bright living room,

The Young's Tree
The Young’s Tree
and Doug painted the living room a color called Wild Honey, that looks like really pale yellow, and River’s Edge, a color that is light blue with an accent color called Caribbean which reminds me of the waters of the Atlantic, turquoise in color. Then I sat with the colors and a bare room until this last Saturday when I bought a turquoise couch that won’t be here until April because it has to be made in America which according to the sales person takes longer than Chinese couches. Whatever! I’ll be patient. I guess.

The highlight of my year was when my child got married. Well, he’s not a child anymore but to admit that means I have to admit aging and I don’t want to! He married a gorgeous girl on the inside and outside named Frances. When your son gets married there is a dethroning of a queen (me) and the crowning of a new queen (Frances). I decided to do this boldly and with grace and meaning so I donned a mom apron and at the rehearsal dinner instead of a drawn out speech I presented a before video and then cut the apron springs and presented them to my daughter-in-love and gave them an after video. Cause you have to.

And life just isn’t life unless there are challenges. There were betrayals, misunderstandings, lessons that had to be learned, but you can focus on that or you can decide it will not rent space in your head and move forward and that’s what I am going to do. Thank God for forgiveness.

So goodbye 2012. You were beyond good to me. Tomorrow I will put away the Christmas decorations and enjoy my first day of 2013. I await greater things and since this year was pretty spectacular, I can barely wait!

4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. You’re not supposed to take Christmas decorations down till the 6th O_O

    But your house looks beautiful and I’m glad your dream came true 🙂 Have a joyful 2013.

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