The Sacrifice

In a mad rush to finish my shopping this year I kept getting this feeling I was missing something. I didn’t have the same zeal to buy things this year. I kept stalling. Usually I shop all year through. Gathering gifts I know will be thoughtful. This year I didn’t plan, I didn’t take the time. Then I read this story and my heart resonated with its words.

As I was being asked what I wanted for Christmas I kept saying sincerely, “You know what? I am good. I don’t really need or want anything this year.” The statement was met with stares and protests. This year has been about simplifying. I was getting rid of stuff, not adding. I was donating, not dragging things home.

I pray you touched by this blog as much as I was! Click Here to read.

4 thoughts on “The Sacrifice

  1. You’re right! That’s totally inspiring.

    By the way, we had a discussion in an earlier post about playing on Christmas or having it with family. I decided to do both. The reason is that as I thought about it and talked with my 7 yo, the nagging truth came home that this holiday isn’t about us but celebrating Jesus coming to earth. What decided me is this: What am I telling Jesse (my son) by my actions? Non-verbal communication is far more affective than words so if I want him to practice Christ as number one in his life, I have to show him how.

    So we’re playing the Christmas program and then coming home to open presents…although he did threaten to get up in the middle of the night and make us do it then…(I think he’s getting some Sleepy time tea the night before)

    1. Wow Jon! Either way, I respected your decision. These are tough calls to make for staff I know that for sure! I vote for Jesse getting to open presents early. What kid has that kind of willpower to wait until after? YIKES but then what kid wants to open a gift and leave it to go to church? Agonizing decisions. Do you think this is what moms are talking about when they say, “One day you’ll see how hard it is to be a parent.”

      1. I think as long as he gets to open one present he’ll be fine. I’ll save the really cool one or two for after church so he isn’t sad during the service. 😉

  2. That’s how my husband and I feel about Christmas. For others, it may sound like we don’t like giving away Christmas presents (and that we’re cheap) but it’s not about the literal meaning, it’s about Him. We focus on this specific ‘holiday’ to give to others when it should be a 365 day task.

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