In God’s economy timing is everything. A day is like 1000 years, a 1000 years like a day. We live submitted to a God who lives outside of time. He’s never early, never late but simply on time, every time.

However we slice it up though, this isn’t the mode of operation for Americans. We want it fast and we want it now. Patience is a virtue, is a saying we’ve heard, but it’s a virtue no one neither wants nor practices.

So it is not surprising when we don’t have the patience while we are waiting for our babies to be born. The nine months it takes to incubate a baby in a mother’s womb is just too long. We speed the process up to meet our own needs. Doctors are inducing labor to make the date agree with the whim of the parents. Whatever happened to the baby who comes when it comes? 10 days early? Fine, we used to say. 10 days late? Okay, we’ll deal with it. Not anymore. We want things the way we want them.

I read an article about elective induction that said that we elect to induce due to busy schedules or convenience. Wow! If you think you are busy during your pregnancy just wait for the next 18 years. If it’s a convenience issue for some, life is about to get really, really tough and ugly.

I understand a medical induction when the baby or the mother are at risk. Of course we must allow for things that go astray. Thank God that there is medicine that takes care of this and that advancement in medicine has come so far that babies have a chance to survive. I believe we wait on God as long as mom and baby are fine. I believe he has a clearer picture on why he chose the date of birth. Maybe he knows something we don’t.

I just wonder what will happen to this up and coming generation that was rushed through their life due to a busy schedule or inconvenience? Lord, let us slow down just a bit and enjoy the miracle of giving birth in the timing the child was created for. I know those last weeks are long and uncomfortable. I remember the feeling of not being able to lie down, or sit up, walk or bend down to do laundry. I will tell you that through that the whole process of inconvenience it has brought me some really beautiful kids and that I enjoyed raising them. It is such a gift. There are times it will seem endless. Have patience! It will all pay off in the end.

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