Sex Trafficking Of Children In The United States

One of the things I want to blog about this year, is causes that you must be aware of that I pray you get involved in. Sex Trafficking of children is real and it happens right here in America. We always think this happens in third world countries where parents sell their children in hopes of a better life but it doesn’t. It happens right here in America at an estimated rate of 100,000 kids per year. While the picture of the life of a child should look like the one above, sadly that isn’t always the case.

Sunday, December 6, is the Super Bowl. It’s a day where people gather to watch two football teams who have worked hard to be the best in their division. It’s a day where we snack excessively, wear our team jerseys, yell at the TV and where the commericals are as good as the game we hope will be.

There is a dark side to the Super Bowl as well. There are children who will be sold as Super Bowl Specials to people who want to have a little fun at the expense of a child. Click Here to read how some are trying to circumvent this from happening. There are public service announcements and campaigns going on to make people aware of what is going on. On Sunday evening at 8 p.m. CNN will broadcast a news report called Selling The Girl Next Door which will bring even more clarity to the situation.

We, who call ourselves Christians must be aware, must be concerned and must be active in protecting children.

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