Groundhog Day


Today is Groundhog’s Day. We wait in anticipation of whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not. If he does, we have six more weeks of Winter, if he doesn’t we can hope for Spring.

Do you remember the movie Groundhog’s Day? It was about a man whose life repeated the same day over and over again until he learned the lessons he was supposed to learn.

For many of us, our lives have resembled that movie, we seem to be going around the same mountain day after day. Today I want to propose that we focus on those unhealthy habits or situations that keep repeating themselves in our lives. For many of us, we made vision statements or New Year’s Resolutions that are already waning. What needs to change? What is the same old thing we’ve been doing that benefits us none whatsoever?

Today on groundhogs day, let’s remember the movie as we watch for the shadow and let’s resolve that 2011 will be different than any other year to date.

Then let’s go further and say that 2011 will be different and better and more productive to our advancement than any other year to date.

Then let’s really stretch out our faith and say 2011 will be different, better, more productive to our advancement AND the advancement of the Kingdom not only in our lives but in the lives we encounter this year!

2 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. The person I was before saying “yes” to Jesus’ offer of relationship would’ve thought, “What a loser! How come he’s not getting it?” The person I am now thanks God that no one flunks the Holy Spirit school, and that the Lord is patient with us, no matter how many times around the mountain we must go until we learn our lessons.

    Happy Groundhog Day, Pastor Susan!

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