You Changed My Name


As the New Year approaches I am reminded of who I am going forward. There is song by Travis Cottrell that says it so eloquently that I want to remember it’s the banner over my life.


You Changed My Name– CCLI Song No. 4577373

Verse 1

Who I am is a mystery I can’t explain

‘Cause Your mercy fell like healing rain

And washed away my past

Who I was all my secrets

All my hidden pain

Now Your grace has broken every chain

And set me free at last

And who I was before

Doesn’t matter anymore


Chorus 1

You changed my name when

You called me forgiven

You changed my name when

You called me redeemed

You took my shame and

Wrote a new beginning

To the story I was living

And I’ll never be the same

You saw what I could be

And reaching out for me

You changed my name

You changed my name


Verse 2

Now I live in the light of Your redeeming love

And I bear the marks Your healing touch

Has written on my heart

With each step I take

I’m reminded of the price You paid

And the living sacrifice You made

To set my soul apart

My life is Yours alone

You have marked me as Your own


I’m not the man I once was

Behold all things are new

‘Cause You changed my name


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