Today I Celebrate You

Today my husband turns 47. He’s been really cool to hang out with and he makes me laugh most days.

I enjoy my time with him. I love our talks, our date nights, our ability to sit in a room together and say absolutely nothing and be completely comfortable. I love that he puts up with my dog and loves her because I love her. I love that we love to walk on the beach together. I am happy to work alongside him and that we are each other’s best friend. A better friend I could not have. Oh, and did I tell you that when he calls me darlin’ with his accent, it kills me? I love him more as the years go by.

I have been blessed to be your wife, Douglas Young! You are kind, merciful, loving, easy-going and a great man. Have a great birthday and a wonderful year. I know God has great and exciting things for you this year!