When Sin Becomes Normal

My husband was dropping off some paperwork at a believer’s house. The woman invited him in and this being her new home she proceeded to show him around the new place. She even showed him the bedroom she sleeps in with the man she is not married to. I guess when sin becomes normal there is no need for pretending even with the man you call Pastor.  

What is it that shuts down our reactions to right and wrong? When a person who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ does the same thing we excuse it as ignorance but is this the same answer for a believer? 

Could it be that a believer may have walked away from their relationship with Christ so that the still small voice has gotten quiet and since we no longer hear it we take it as approval? Could it be that the world’s call to do what everyone else is doing has just become too enticing to not take advantage? These are the questions stirring around in my heart as I write. I want to learn from this. For you see, I was many things in my youth, many worldly things, but now that I have come before the throne of grace and love and surrendered my life, my desire is to learn. My desire is to want what is best for me and to never stop hearing the prompting of the Holy Spirit. 

Recently, my friend came over my house. I heard myself spilling out about two dreams I’ve had about someone and how I was worried about them. Only afterward, did I think it was gossip. This conversation was not about my friend nor about me. At first, I excused it for the reality it was. I wanted to talk about my feelings with someone that I knew I could trust. Then, I had to come clean and repent. It doesn’t matter what I want, it doesn’t matter that the Lord has put this person on my heart, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have someone in the physical realm to talk to about it, it matters that I do the right thing. I never want to become so dulled that I don’t recognize when I blow it. 

In order to keep that up though it must become routine and habit that I go to the Lord for sustenance and examination. In the same way that I go to the kitchen to get something to eat when I am hungry, and then choose what is good for food, I must go to the Lord to feed my soul. I’ve got to exercise my faith that when I am feeling alone with too many responsibilities and no one to share them with that God will be my confidant and He will direct my path. I’ve got to remind myself of the scripture that comes to mind and not give in to what people say is normal. I must choose a different path. 

Therein lies the answer of when sin becomes normal. It becomes normal when I reject the teaching I’ve had, and the teacher Himself, and I succumb to what I want rather than what is best for me.

One thought on “When Sin Becomes Normal

  1. I’ve been wrestling with this as well. To totally trust in the Lord, even when it seems like something we can solve ourselves outside of Him, is sometimes frustrating. Waiting on Him when it appears He’s not concerned with our “needs” takes real discipline.

    My prayer has been and is, “Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!” I want to trust Him with these things, though I know I’m impatient to get on with them.

    Just before I read your article, I wrote, “The nature we nurture will rule us in a crisis.” I believe it in theory but in certain areas I ignore the principle. It must rule every area of our lives…

    Thank God for grace.

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