Prayer For A Friend

I have a friend in need of prayer. I know that when you see this video it will remind you of one of your friends who needs to hear from God right now. I am in prayer for this person, not without my own frustration and not without my own opinion but deciding to set it aside for a touch from God which is the only thing can change the course of action. Let’s agree in prayer today for those people in our lives who are lost and need a touch from God in this moment!

One thought on “Prayer For A Friend

  1. I barely got a chance to listen to this video what a beautiful song/prayer to have for a friend. I was struggling today because someone keeps coming to my heart and I was complaining to myself that i don’t want to go through this with this person, I know she just wants me to keep texting her and asking “where were you”? “How are you doing”? and her reply is thank you for praying with me, I just need to get plugged in and stay plugged in my reply “yes but you have to come to Gods house and be in his word to be plugged in” so frustrated today I was like God who long do I go through this with her….his still voice calmly said “Did I ever give up on you?” I get the message so I will continue to pray for her and let his will be done as long as it takes.

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