For The Future

So last night we had V.I.P.’s, our youth group, service at the new building. It was significant in that our vision is reach the next generation for Christ. That building is not the church until the people unite there. It was built so that generations from now, followers of Christ will still have the opportunity to unite in the name of Jesus.

I don’t know if the youth understood the significance of the moment until I pointed it out. Then I saw the lightbulb go off and the smiles come onto their faces and I saw a different posture. A posture of ownership and meaning. We had communion there last night, before the grand opening and the first sermon, a gathering the willing leaders of the future.  The youth looked as solemn as youth can look when in the presence of other youth.

You’ll never know how that touched my heart. I am part of something so much bigger than myself and it makes everything else in my life so insignificant. To work to bring Jesus to the hearts of youth blesses me. To work daily in the service of our Lord is a privilege. Sometimes, I must admit, that I am like the youth were yesterday in that I fail to recognize the honor in what I get to do, and then it hits me, and humbles me, like it did last night.

We sang this song last night, acoustically, a guitar and youth voices. It doesn’t get better than that!

3 thoughts on “For The Future

  1. Well my son came home talking about have I seen the new church building, all the rooms, its real nice, the stage is in a different location, the baby room is sound proof, they have a glass you can’t see in but the moms can see out…etc….we did communion , I took Allan to youth again but he couldn’t do communion (personal choice). He really enjoyed it, I could tell by the way he came home talking about it.

    1. whsipers in your ear…..your son was dancing during worship……..’nuff said……….but he did do something that freaked me out because of how gross it was. He wiped a piece of bread in the dirt and ate it. It’s youth, I have to remember that!

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