The Image 201001/25

I was in a discussion with others recently and we talked about how there are people in our life who run around saying they are Christian, but their talk doesn’t match their walk. We all know those people who love to tell unbeliever’s what they need to do, and who believe that it’s their place as a Christian.

When I was a new follower of Christ I was happy when our company hired another follower. That joy quickly waned when he took the time to correct others without seeing his own fault. He was critical of the owner (an unbeliever) of our company and the way he chose to run his business. He complained about everything, and when he found out I was a follower of Christ he said pompously, “Don’t even talk to me about Christianity until you can explain in detail what you believe about the trinity, pre-trib or post….” I tuned out at this point. I don’t even think I knew what pre-trib and post meant at that point. It was crazy stuff for me in that time and space.

This would all be funny if those of us who are followers of Christ don’t constantly have to fight this fanatically image. If we didn’t hear of so much abuse of perceived power in the body of Christ. Yet, I am reminded that if we were looking for a power trip prior to our salvation then we will be looking for one after our salvation. We somehow miss the part about being a new creation.


The Image has to match the things coming out of the mouth.

In the early days of my Christian walk I was a closet Christian often because of these types of representatives. I didn’t want to be included with “them”. There is a t-shirt that depicts Jesus walking among the throngs of people and the caption read, “Jesus save me from your people.” Although it was made with an anti-Christian campaign in mind, I identified with it on some levels. I knew what it was talking about. It was talking about those people who yelled at others for not being Christians. The Image unfortunately continually perpetuates as we don’t learn the lessons of love. Jesus drew people to him by his ability to help others. The only harsh words I see him speak is to the religious. So, rather than point the finger at the world who really doesn’t believe what we believe, or know what we know or what we are talking about, we need to be more introspective with the finger pointing. Only that would reveal those flaws we want to mask with The Image.


The bible says of those of us who follow Christ;

John13:35 By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”


One thought on “The Image

  1. What?!? You mean God wants me to love my fellow humans?!?!!!

    Your subject is one of the reasons I remain in ministry and going to not just one but a few churches. I’m not the flawless example of Christ but to me that’s the point—none of us are. If we walk humbly with our God aware of our own failure to meet up with the standard, there’s not condemnation for anyone.

    That guy you worked with could have been me at one time or another. In fact, anyone of us could get our nose in the air about our doctrine or approach to Jesus and begin acting like everyone else were ignorant savages.

    The key verse here is: “Accept one another in love…just as Christ accepted you and gave Himself for you.”

    If while I was a sinner (as I still am) Jesus died for me, then I have no soapbox to stand on for other Christians. Those who condemn the world and their fellow believers will be held up to the light, however, if I show them the love Christ showed me. After all, if Christ died for the ungodly, which includes me, then these judgmental believers are in the same boat and therefore people I need to witness to about the merciful, gracious, loving Savior who will rescue them from their need to be “better-than.”

    They might not accept it, but I refuse to become a finger pointer just because they are…

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