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There is even a word for it. Entrepreneur Magazine in it’s March issue claims that this recession has hit men the hardest and for the first time in history unemployment rates are higher for men 10.2% than for women 8.2%. For the complete story click here.

I’m still processing what this means overall. I’m grateful that people are working and that the article itself was positive, stating women have made big strides in the marketplace, are creating jobs as they begin companies, and are contributing powerfully to the economy and the world. Still, I can’t help but wonder why more women are going to college than men these days, why there are so many absent fathers, and what the men are doing, what are their roles in society these days? What does this say overall about our culture, and where is our country heading over the next several years? As a woman there is so much pressure between her desires for family and her career that I can’t help but wonder if there is a breaking point where the pressure just becomes too much?

One thought on “Mancession

  1. Women earn less than men, therefore require less in the way of financial output. A man is competition for another man, women don’t appear to be a threat to those in a position of power.

    On the other hand, you can’t have an entire generation of men raised by only women not have problems with knowing how to be a man. They needed role models and most the men who are adults now only had TV writers giving them advice on what a man was or did. It’s no wonder these guys have no idea what it means.

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