Noah’s Ark

Pastor Dave Morse is the most amazing Sunday School teacher on the planet. Last week our Kingdom Kidz began learning about Noah building the ark. This week they were they were learning about being secure in the flood.

Pastor Dave brought them a modern day Noah’s ark. A Land Yacht. They loaded up on the ark to be secure from the flood. Ana Valencia came along during the lesson and began to knock, “Please, please let me in!” “No”, was the answer as she had missed her opportunity. I believe this was a lesson our children will never forget.

The kingdom moves forward when teachers like Pastor Dave take such a love for the children and their spiritual foundation. When I spoke to the children they told stories about how Noah was safe and secure in the ark when the flood came because he listened to God! Praise God for Pastor Dave!

Special thanks to Toscano RV for the use of the Airstream Land Yacht! We appreciate you!

3 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark

  1. My son who is fourteen jumped on board and was very excited about Pastor Dave’s teaching. Unfortunately, I had to stay on land I had a new little girl who cried and was scared we were going some where she was not familiar with the Noah’s Ark story. All the children that went on seemed to love it…Pastor Dave was the best sunday school teacher when I was nineteen and he still his now that I am forty-four, no I wasn’t in his class but I have been a helper and love to see the children’s faces when he teaches. I even told him on sunday, I want to be in his class (smile)

  2. I love this! This is the teaching style I enjoy, and it is the learning style many children prefer (and youth, and adults…and ELLs).


    We are blessed to have a Pastor Dave as a teacher in our Kingdom Kidz department!

  3. How much fun it must be for a kid to be taught that way! I’d love to be in a class where the teacher brings a Modern Day Ark!

    Pastor Dave is a blessing and so is all your leadership in Oasis! God bless you Pastors Young.

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