Sirius Thoughts

Just a random happening –

Driving home from Fresno lsat night and there was nothing on the 200+ radio channels I have. I began channel surfing and hit a station called Highway which is country music. The title of the song intrigued me so I listened to the words. A song by Lee Ann Womack called There is A God. The next song was a song called Everyone Wants To Go To Heaven But Nobody Wants to Go Now by Kenny Chesney. The third song was called People Are Crazy about a guy in a bar who makes a toast, God is Great, beer is good and people are crazy. I hate the taste of beer but I had to agree God is great and people are crazy.

Sometimes it’s cool to switch the channel from the normal news and alternative rock and pop stations that are on my pre-sets and find something new. I don’t know why I found this fascinating last night. Country is not really my thing but at least they are mentioning God.

One thought on “Sirius Thoughts

  1. I heard the third song before a couple of times. I have my alarm clock set on the country station because that’s like the only station my old clock gets. Once when I was setting the clock the song was on…I liked the melody and heard the singer mention God so I sat on my bed to listen to the whole song. Sometimes I change the channels and if I find a song about love and life and stuff like that, I kind of in my mind turn it into a spiritual unsecular song. I will take the love song and turn it into loving Jesus…you know what I mean like ” I can’t live without you or I need you lyrics.” I like my music to be soothing when I drive but not so much as to put me to sleep.

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