Who Ewe B?







Or rather, Who B Eye? As I was originally contemplating writing the profile page of this blog, I kept thinking about what it is I want to say about myself. I was looking for something clever, that would catch the eye of the reader. I began to think of how it is we define ourselves.

Men, more often than not, define themselves by their career. I’m a rocket scientist, I am doctor, I am a doorman. Whatever they DO is who they ARE. Women generally define themselves by their emotional attachments. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend. So I went looking at all of my friend’s blog profile pages.

They described themselves as wives, moms, coffee drinkers, etc… So the internal questions began. Was where I was born significant? Doubt it, as my parents lived hours away and I was born there only so that my mom could have a female doctor. I’ve never lived there and have only visited the town once, well twice, if you consider my entry into the world. What else? I am a wife but is that significant? Sort of, I mean it means I have a husband, a partner, a friend and obligations my single friends don’t have. I also have the benefits my single friends don’t have and the liabilities my single friends don’t have.

I am mom but is that whole of my being? I am madly in love with my kids and I remember when they were born, all scrunchy and wrinkled and red, but in them I saw greatness and beauty and my heart was never the same. I am a follower of Christ. It’s the basis for which everything I do all day long flows. Not to say that everything I do edifies Christ, because sometimes I snap at people, and well, to be honest my driving leaves the Christ following thing at home most days, as speeding is breaking a rule and we are not rule breakers so, I have a long road to go there.

My career! I work at our church. My husband is a Pastor. I am a Pastor as well, but well in the world of Christianity there is lots of debate as to whether or not a woman can be a pastor. I love my work. It’s varied and you never know what you are going to do each day. I can’t honestly say that it the sum of who I am though. 

Back to the core question, who am I? When I begin to write my profile I wrote things like, I am a human being, I am tired, I am authentic, I am a geek, which by the way I need to clarify. At one time, I was cool but your kids let you know that those days, well they are gone forever, I am overwhelmed by laundry. These definitions are all in fact true. So who eye b is all of the above, and then some! In my mind though I am so much more than the sum of all of that. Yet, maybe that is just flattering myself and maybe I am slightly delusional. I am a reader. I am a thinker. I am a leader. I am called in this time and space on earth, to a purpose, to which no one else on the planet was called to fulfill. I have yet to reach my full potential but I know it’s coming!

What do you say defines you? What do you say when people ask you to tell them about yourself? What would your profile look like? And in your heart of hearts what would you want to say? Think about it and post a comment, because honestly, you were called to be part of the flock, but not  one of the crowd.

2 thoughts on “Who Ewe B?

  1. I would say I am a happy person, my nick-name at work is sunshine, I love this because that means I reflect light. Everyday one of my prayers is Lord let me be a reflection of you and the Joy of the Lord is my strength I learn when you speak positive, positive reflects. I would say I am a person who has had a hard life, but the I don’t let that define me, I am a mighty woman of God who has on her armour and starts each day with thanksgiving. I am a person who could find many faults with myself but, I want to look at the glass as half full not half empty, I am finally comfortable in my own skin…okay I would love to lose about 50 pounds but that is a goal I have starting next week:) I would say I love who I am because of WHO”S I AM!!!!!!
    Have a blessed day:)

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