Blaspheming The Holy Spirit

Linda writes:
I am concerned that I may have committed the unforgivable sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Twice when I was younger, I looked up at Heaven when I was unhappy and put up my middle finger and said F—You to the Holy Spirit and cursed him! I have since repented of this and asked for forgiveness. Is this the type of speaking against the Holy Spirit that is unforgiveable?

Please reply soon, I am very concerned about this!

Thank you

So for those of you reading this, the writer of the question asks this because the bible says:

Matthew 12:31 31 And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

My answer is, no, I don’t think so. First off, did you know Christ? Were you filled with the Holy Spirit and a believer? Did you deny him? See, this is a heart condition and since no man can know another’s heart, you are better prepared to answer this question than I am.

My understanding of this scripture is that we must know Christ, have knowledge of the Holy Spirit personally, and still denied and purposefully rejected the Holy Spirit in a concrete and conscience effort. Thus, a person who blasphemes the Holy Spirit, would foolishly reject his reconciliation back to God, knowingly. When that happens, there is no going back, you’re right, but I don’t think that this happens and then suddenly the person wants to be reconciled. At that point, the die is cast, the relationship is severed forever. Whatever light was on in the core of that person’s being, is extinguished. So, just the fact that you have repented, and want restoration, to me, means you didn’t blaspheme the Holy Spirit.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary says:

Whosoever shall blaspheme. As for those who blasphemed Christ when he was here upon earth, and called him a Winebibber, a Deceiver, a Blasphemer, and the like, they had some colour of excuse, because of the meanness of his appearance, and the prejudices of the nation against him; and the proof of his divine mission was not perfected till after his ascension; and therefore, upon their repentance, they shall be pardoned: and it is hoped that they may be convinced by the pouring out of the Spirit, as many of them were, who had been his betrayers and murderers. But if, when the Holy Ghost is given, in his inward gifts of revelation, speaking with tongues, and the like, such as were the distributions of the Spirit among the apostles, if they continue to blaspheme the Spirit likewise, as an evil spirit, there is no hope of them that they will ever be brought to believe in Christ; for First, Those gifts of the Holy Ghost in the apostles were the last proof that God designed to make use of for the confirming of the gospel, and were still kept in reserve, when other methods preceded. Secondly, This was the most powerful evidence, and more apt to convince than miracles themselves. Thirdly, Those therefore who blaspheme this dispensation of the Spirit, cannot possibly be brought to believe in Christ; those who shall impute them to a collusion with Satan, as the Pharisees did the miracles, what can convince them? This is such a strong hold of infidelity as a man can never be beaten out of, and is therefore unpardonable, because hereby repentance is hid from the sinner’s eyes.

The last sentence in Matthew Henry’s commentary should bring you peace. A person who has blasphemed the Holy Spirit has no repentance because it is hid from the sinner’s eyes. In other words, the person who blasphemed never has a thought about coming back to Christ. I think you sinned. Since sin is sin and it’s all judged the same, mine and yours are different but equal so the only thing to do is to fall on the mercy and grace of God. It’s really all any of us can do. This is why we plead for mercy and grace over our lives daily. I believe that this torment that you feel in your soul is not of God. He doesn’t condemn, it’s the enemy of your soul who is consuming you, trying to get you to give up on God. You’ve proven much stronger than that though. Let the peace of the Lord wash over you, as you restore your relationship with Him.