In For A Penny

There’s an old saying, In for a penny in for a pound. It means that if you’re going to go for something then go for it all the way.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

The fool shall not discern the value and shall cast aside great treasure. The practiced eye knows the true worth of a gem and shall not let it escape him. Thus shall you be in spiritual matters.

Train your eye to discern that which is of true worth, and let it not escape you. ~Frances J. Roberts

It’s the great Christian cliché to say that we are sold out to Jesus but what does that look like? What’s the worth of service to others? What’s the cost of volunteering in your community? What’s the price of time spent in prayer? What’s the pain of fasting or intercession?

It seems a great sacrifice on the surface of more pressing things in life, but that which is born in spirit and that which is born in flesh is noticeably different. One is sustained while the other burns out.

2 thoughts on “In For A Penny

  1. Yes, that which WE birth…we must sustain…but the future for it is not that promising (“Polvo eyes a polvo volverás” Gen. 3:19)
    Yet, those things of the Spirit WILL produce life and be sustain and back up by the author of life 🙂

  2. Sitting here thinking of the concept of “sold out for Christ” I realized my understanding of it has changed. Years ago we had a teaching during our concerts which would bring this up and used the illustration of a theater: “If you put up a sign at a theater saying it’s sold out, but there are two seats or even one left, you’ve lied.”

    My grasp of this is different now. I realize we can’t be completely occupied by Jesus through this constant anxiety ridden idealism. The reason is everyone is growing into His image, it doesn’t happen over night. Like Paul stating in Philippians that he hadn’t arrived as yet, even in his old age, we have to realize that some of our chairs are filled with sticky stuff from our past and some are broken.

    What we do, I believe, is give everything we have over to Jesus—even the broken stuff. This means that some of the stuff is not submitted since we’re growing into submission. But it also means that we admit this to Him and keep it in view to give our unwillingness to submit to Him as a work in progress. When I was younger, serving the Master looked different than it does today. I now realize that my life on display before God, the universe and the world is the best form of witness I can be. People seeing my weak demonstrates God’s grace, forgiveness and strength—as well as redemption. This weakness could be an outright sin or the result of it through faithless thinking, whatever the case, letting Him show me the way through the influence of other godly people (family) grows me at a rate which allows others to have hope for their own lives.

    Yes, being sold out means something different today than it did when I first believed.

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