Inviting The Pastor To Dinner

Someone asked recently what the etiquette was for inviting the Pastor over for dinner. It’s the same as with anyone else. Some tips to remember:

  • Pastors are normal people so discuss normal things. Theological discussions aren’t off-limits nor are they they only thing a pastor can talk about.
  • Discussions about church are not off-limits but questions about other people are.
  • They don’t get many invitations. Mainly because people don’t know what to expect. So keep it real but respectful.
  • Don’t invite the Pastor over with a hidden agenda of counseling or complaints. Invite him over because you’d like to break bread with him and have a relaxing time.
  • Please feel free to pray for the meal. A Pastor is not put out if he gives the blessing or not.
  • Be authentic. The Pastor isn’t looking trying to make you feel uncomfortable.

One thought on “Inviting The Pastor To Dinner

  1. Sure, sure, pastors are human. We all know they’re actually aliens sent to spy on us from heaven that’s why we can’t make them normal food because it has to be cuisine. Where do you think that term came from, huh?

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