Inviting The Pastor To Dinner

Someone asked recently what the etiquette was for inviting the Pastor over for dinner. It’s the same as with anyone else. Some tips to remember:

  • Pastors are normal people so discuss normal things. Theological discussions aren’t off-limits nor are they they only thing a pastor can talk about.
  • Discussions about church are not off-limits but questions about other people are.
  • They don’t get many invitations. Mainly because people don’t know what to expect. So keep it real but respectful.
  • Don’t invite the Pastor over with a hidden agenda of counseling or complaints. Invite him over because you’d like to break bread with him and have a relaxing time.
  • Please feel free to pray for the meal. A Pastor is not put out if he gives the blessing or not.
  • Be authentic. The Pastor isn’t looking trying to make you feel uncomfortable.