Tend To Grow

container herb gardening

I am not a gardener. I don’t even pretend to begin to fake that I like it one bit. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love the end result. I love how a garden looks. I love any kind of garden. Fresh vegetable gardens, as if duh there were any other kind, herb gardens, flower gardens, they are all beautiful and they show the handiwork of a hard worker who has gotten on their knees, tilled the ground, dug a hole, planted a seed, watered and watched, pulled the weeds that tried to overtake the life that was planted.

I imagine that suddenly one day, the gardener’s seedlings begin to sprout and they are rewarded for their hard work by color, fragrance, the fruit of their labor and love, and the care they took to plant. I bet going out to your garden to get fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers gives you greatest satisfaction on earth. I would like to have a garden. I really would. Oh, and a gardener while I’m at it.

As a Christian I am supposed to be a gardener of souls. Now that interests me. However, the work is enormous and somehow, it makes me think that gardening plants would be the easier plan, should I get a choice.

When I think of the steps of a gardener I imagine his first step is to go into a nursery filled with plants. He walks through the rows of plants determining which ones he’ll choose. Then again, maybe I get ahead of myself, perhaps the first thing he does is get a book about gardening or google gardening. I mean, I would think there are seasons in which some plants grow and others don’t. There are regional areas in which we live in which some plants thrive and others don’t. Well, it seems to be a complicated process. Then there are mulches and vitamins and things which have to be mixed in with the dirt that has been tilled. Does the plant like total sunlight or partial shade? How does a gardener keep the bugs off?

I suppose harvesting souls would be much the same way. Grab a bible and figure out what environment it takes to grow a soul. Do you have the proper additive to mix in the soil, when planting a seed? Do you understand timing, season, environment? Do you think all souls grow the same way? Do you over water or neglect? Do you rejoice when you see the seedling hatch, for use of a better word,what is the word anyway? Do pluck it out of the ground to show it off before it’s well-rooted? What’s your strategy for pulling weeds that are trying to suck the life out your newly planted seed? What do we do to keep the bugs off?

Simple questions I am asking myself these days. Praying for simple answers. Praying for revelation and above all else, praying for more desire than ever before and the ability to tend my seed until it grows!

3 thoughts on “Tend To Grow

  1. Every end result means small steps to the goal. We all want to see the fruit of the plant—or in this case, the person—without all the steps in between. For the gardener it’s different, they enjoy the process as much as the fruit.

    I’m like you, I don’t really do gardening, but Dad and Mom were avid about it and grew some really cool stuff. I will say Dad’s “ketchup” left something to be desired, though he didn’t believe we could tell the difference between his and Hunt’s. (we definitely could, by the way). Still, the joy he got from working the soil and watching things develop taught me the lesson you mentioned above: growing people is a lot like planting a garden for sure.

  2. It takes a lot to get a “green thumb” for gardening, at least that’s what I feel will take for me. I love to see people grow and knowing that I took a tiny part of that makes me want to do it over and over again. Thank you for writing this, gives me a boost to my purpose in life.

    God Bless you, Pastor Susan.

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