The Details

I’ve become aware of my life. It sounds weird but I’ve began seeing where I spend my time and how I spend it. I’m not so, ‘go with the flow and forget about me’, as I once was. This realization of what adds to and takes away from my life is enlightening me. I knew certain things with head knowledge but really didn’t know them in my heart until I started to examine my time and how I spent it.

I knew that God was interested in all the details of my life. I knew that he was with me always. I knew he was just a conversation away but I don’t think I really realized it as I do now. He really does care about the little things I do all day. Anything from washing dishes to what I buy at the grocery store to what I listen to on the radio.

God is in the simple and the mundane as much as he is in the profound. Have you ever stopped to realize how he is there in every single conversation we have with ourselves AND with others? Would my inner self-talk change if I realized my creator was listening to what I had to say to myself? Would I be so critical of myself, of others, if I understood that simple truth? Would I be so quick to complain about the little irritations of life, if I stopped and considered that the One who ordered my day was standing right there listening? My decisions and my direction change when I am aware that I am being watched over in the details. I am not being stalked or judged, I am be cared over. I am being cried over, I am being laughed over, I am being cheered over and although as believers we know it, I wonder if we understand it?

I am becoming more aware about the details of my life. The fact that I am part of something that is so huge my brain could never wrap itself around it, isn’t overlooked or put to the side to me these days. The details, each little move I make, counts for something. What will I make it count for today? What will you make it count for today?

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