Where To Turn?


What do you do when you hear a rumor about someone? If you’re like most people, you accept the rumor as fact, pass it on and feed on it. After all, rumors often make us feel good about ourselves. Sometimes someone’s life is so messed up we become grateful that our lives are not in that much of a mess. The juicier the rumor the better because it makes us feel better!

Only, what happens when you become the brunt of the rumor? Don’t you want people to come and ask you what has happened? Don’t you want to be able to tell your story? Haven’t you learned by now that the truth has three sides, yours, mine and the truth?

I was thinking about this after the Beth Moore conference. She said something that made such an impact that I wrote down not only what she said on paper I wrote it on my heart. She said,

“Will we turn to Him (God) or turn on one another?”

If we don’t like things done to us, then wouldn’t we give the benefit of the doubt and go find out what is true before we burn someone at the stake?

In real life I am pretty blunt. I will go to the person and say, “Hey, I heard this about you and want to hear what you have to say.” I want to know the truth and so I go and see where the story intersects. I also don’t believe everything I hear either so maybe that helps.

As believers in Christ we know things are going to happen. Rumors are going to go around, people are going to say mean things but what we must do is not turn on one another. Let’s keep our hearts right before the One who can help us.

One thought on “Where To Turn?

  1. Margaret Becker writes wonderfully of this in two separate chapters of her ’98 book, With New Eyes: Fresh Vision for the Soul. The chapter “Slow Drum” speaks of her comforting a friend who’s had spiteful, gossipy things said about him, words that are untrue and unverified, which have ripped his life apart. “Stones” speaks of how believers in the Body allow differences in details become divisive, rather than focusing on the love of God expressed through Jesus’ gift.

    Much like her songs do for me, her written words point me right to what I need to see, then do or never do again. She has been a gift to me as long as I’ve known the Lord, just as you are since I discovered this blog. God bless you both!

    All of Heaven’s best,

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