Clean Sheets

Each Tuesday I change my bed sheets. Nothing feels as good as crisp, clean, high thread count sheets. They are soft to the touch and when you finally get in them at the end of the day, they feel so good and comfortable. Nothing beats the smell of fresh laundered sheets either. I heard Oprah say once that she has her sheets changed daily because she wants that feel of clean crisp sheets at the end of the day. Well, I wish I had the time or the person to do that for me but alas, once a week will have to suffice.

I also love clean sheets of paper. Something about a new page when you are writing  just makes you feel like anything is possible. Sheets, clean ones gives you opportunity to do just about anything with them. I can draw a picture, I can write a novel, I can fold it into a paper airplane if I want to. The point is, it becomes whatever I want it to be. Open up a fresh ream of paper and it has a smell that nothing else has.

Cleansing your soul feels like those fresh sheets on your bed or that fresh sheet of paper. This is something I do daily. Nothing feels as good to the touch as a fresh wash from the Lord of my life. Just like my sheets, the smell of His presence is just that good to me. Plus, it’s so much easier to come before him and just confess those things that you messed up on that day and be clean and new once again.

Each day is like waking up in fresh sheets, ready to start your day off right after having had a restful night of sleep. There is nothing that burdens your heart, there is nothing that is staining your life. Then, in that state your life is like a fresh clean sheet of paper, nothing is impossible and anything can be written on it.

What story will unfold on your page today?

One thought on “Clean Sheets

  1. I felt refreshed this morning until I got to work, and got attacked by my co-workers, now all day I am so angry, and just want to quit
    I can’t fight them, 2 against 1, we are a small office, their perception is so wrong

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