What Happened?

This year our church participated in a Harvest Festival with 11 other churches in our city. We met in the town square and set up booths of games and food on Halloween Night. As is usually the case, the questions arose.

Should we celebrate Halloween?

Aren’t we supposed to stay home on that night?

Why are glorifying the devil?

Naturally we answered all the questions. Who created the day? God! So if He created the day then why would we dedicate the day to the devil? We accept the word,

Psalm 118:24 This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

This post really isn’t about all of this per se. This post is about something that’s really been stirring in my soul. I am wondering how we call ourselves the army of God and then we go and hide on a day that someone deemed the devil’s day.

In any war there are two generals. They count the cost of the battle and determine whether they can win or not. I guess in this case we failed to listen to the general’s orders and we went home in defeat. I wonder if we understand our dominion mandate and what that really means? By stepping out on a night that is supposed to be evil and participate in a town square event in the middle of our city, I believe we took back the night. When we played a game where the children who attended, were given a marshmallow and a sling shot and told that they had to slay Goliath, many asked us the story. We told about great King David and a lot of kids didn’t know the bible story at all. By loving some kids enough to plant a seed into their souls, giving them a snack and teaching them a bible story, we took Sunday School to the streets. We were taking dominion.

Even that, isn’t the point of this post. The point is, knowing the bible the way we do, what made some turn and run in fear? We became like Elijah after a big victory, turning and running from Jezebel. Maybe it’s exhaustion, maybe it’s a self-esteem issue, maybe it’s because we don’t understand our power and our Father’s power, or because we thought were alone. Whatever it is, there are many who haven’t bowed to Halloween and are ready and waiting to gather together and take back the night.

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