Etiquette Part Deux

If you’re tuning in late, click here for the first part of this blog.

Today I want to talk about dropping by for a visit.

Don’t drop by for a visit without calling first.

Yes, I know that you’re my cousin, but I might be in my pajamas and I’m too old to answer the door like that. I might be reading a book and want some quiet time. I might be studying as I have a limited amount of time to do that. I might be outside in the backyard with the dogs. I’m not doing anything bad, but I may just want some notice before you stop by.

If you’re in the neighborhood, just call. I can throw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in a heartbeat. If I’m cooking dinner, I can probably whip something up for you as well without much effort. If I’m taking a nap, I may ask if we can postpone. I promise to always do the same for you and I promise that I will never be offended if you have other plans. The key is respect.

Whatever you do, don’t ring and ring and ring and ring and ring the doorbell thinking you will force the person to answer. It’s just plain rude. If you find that you have to drop by, and let’s say the family is sitting at the dinner table, please excuse yourself and come back later. Don’t hover asking them what they are eating or suggest you will wait in the living room until they are finished. In most families with kids, the dinner hour is when the conversations occur. It’s important to a family to have this time, not all the time but often. If you don’t excuse yourself this will cause them to rush, to hush their family conversations and it’s just impolite. One quick phone call makes it all work for everyone!

2 thoughts on “Etiquette Part Deux

  1. I would have to say I agree with this one…I work 5 days a week on saturdays I like to watch TV and lounge with no makeup on in my pajamas, we used to have some boys who were in our college group bible study who would pop in, but now they text and ask before they come we had to ask them and once it was brought out in the open they respected our request. I love to visit but I also, prefer a call or text to be given a little warning, I would do the same if I was going to your house, and if you pop in on someone maybe they don’t have enough food to offer and that puts the person you popped in on in an uncomfortable position as well. Common courtesy is a good thing and it’s keeps all parties feeling good about the visit. Susan is a good friend to have she doesn’t sugar coat and if you ask she will help you or encourage and tell you the truth, but not in a hurtful way its to help and encourage so we move forward…not get stuck. Good blog

  2. I’m just never home. I love for the day that comes when I can have a couple hrs at home. We had 2 people stop by unannounced in the past 6 mos, one was a quick few minutes to drop off something, and the other person was a Pastor, and was perfect timing for dinner, and thankfully, there was enough food 🙂 It was a blessing of a time.

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