What’s The World Coming To?

Yesterday at the funeral, we were gathered at the cemetery. Each of us grieving in our own way. We watched the color guard present the American flag to the wife of a man I love deeply. While the bugle played Taps, and his priest called him a true disciple of Christ, we were engrossed in the solemnness of the moment. We lined up to put petals on the casket and the pall bearers put their boutonnieres on the casket, we paid our last respects to a kind and honest man and gave our condolences to his widow.

While we were giving honor, someone or some people were breaking windows of cars and stealing purses. Seriously? Have we gotten that low as a human species that we take this opportunity to steal? People are grieving and now they are having to call police and credit card companies?

What’s worse is that we seem think we need God less and less in our society. What the reality is though, if we ever needed God in our country, we need him more now! Unbelievable!

6 thoughts on “What’s The World Coming To?

  1. Oh, Pastor Susan, my heart goes out to you, your godmother, and everyone there!

    There are no words to describe how I feel about the lack of morality. No, wait; there are: too many words! So, I’ll write none of them except to say those in the family of God who know you, love you–that’s everyone, right?–and are praying for you. We ask for comfort in these trying circumstances, for favor and wisdom dealing with officials in various companies and agencies, for swift resolution and justice. We also ask that the righteous indignation be quickly replaced with forgiveness, accepting that vengeance is the Lord’s and He WILL repay, the perpetrator and the instigator both.

    I’ll also encourage you to remember that the grieving may be for our loss yet I truly believe it’s planted in our hearts to draw us forward to the day when we’ll all be reunited, never to part again. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    All of Heaven’s best,

  2. TLC, please accept my condolences to you and your family during this sad time. What an honor to hear of such a wonderful person who served the Lord, going home because his job here is done. May our Lord comfort you during this time.

    As for this world, I agree completely with everything you said! Really, it is a disgrace, and to turn away from God, the only help, is the downfall of America

  3. Yes it’s a sad time when people choose to steal, my dads cousin passed right after he did, and the family was invited to the house for food after the services. I didn’t go because I got lost trying to find the house, it was out in the country in Stevenson/Hilmar area, my cousins went and when they got there someone had broken into the house and stole items and ransacked the house, no one could go in the house until the Sheriff came, devastating here they are mourning the loss of their wife, mother and grandmother and now the robbery, it had to be someone they knew who else would of known they would be gone that whole day. Sad times:(

  4. And they too will stand before the judgement seat of Christ! It’s sad to know that these people are lost and dead in their sin. I pray the Lord will touch them in such a way that they would repent and change their ways. Pastor Susan you are in my prayers. May the Spirit of the Living God give you peace and mend your broken heart.

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