Stand and Take Your Place


There is a restlessness I feel. God is preparing me for a new and different thing. I’m not sure what it is but I see the change with anticipation and longing. Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell wrote a song called Abraham’s Song that sums it up for me these days.

You have kept your promise to me

I have all a man could want

Yet I stare into the distance

I ache and still I long

I’m surrounded by my Caanan

Laughter echos loud

I’ve loved and lived and followed

Built altars and I’ve bowed

I’m longing….

I used to always wonder about Sarah. How did she pick up her stuff and declare that she would follow her man and live in a tent for the rest of her days?Away from her family, and her comforts, it never could have been an easy decision for a woman. When I married my husband I said, “I will follow you anywhere except Texas.” I had spent a few years in Texas and it was torture. Hot, humid, without mountains and the biggest thunderstorms you have ever seen. It was my Moses in the desert experience, yes, I am feeling dramatic today as I write, and I know of not one man who would want to re-do that, let alone one woman.

I feel a stirring in my soul and I’m not sure where it is leading. The word that keeps coming to me in these days is that it time to stand and take our place. I have counseled my women of TLC to mentor, mentor, mentor, I think the mentoring I’ve done is about to be put to the test. Several months ago, I felt led to get some things into place. They are ready, and so am I, for the next word. I keep looking off into the distance to see where it is leading but although I feel a restlessness, I haven’t yet been told to move.

So what does it mean to stand and take your place I ask the Lord? It means that your time of preparation is coming to a close. You are as prepared as you are going to be for this season. It is time Esther, to fast and prepare a feast because your day of coming before the King to fulfill your destiny’s assignment is here. You were created and mentored to this place in your life. To this time and space and to this call. Will you awaken and arise or will continue to slumber, going through motions, knowing that this is not your goal but too scared to move.

I simply can’t not move. I have been prepared and whatever the future holds I am ready to move into my place. Like Sarah, I wonder, who will cut my hair and color it? Where will I put my shoes and just how many will I be allowed to take? Will I have a warm bed? My Father tells me I am not to worry about what I shall eat and where I will sleep. Those are His details to take care of  not mine.

I say to the Lord; “I am yours Lord, called by your name, Jesus.” He replies, “Arise daughters of Zion, it’s time to roll.”

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