Holy Rollers Unite

March 20 we had our annual Holy Rollers Tournament. It was fun as we all converged on the local bowling alley, rented out 14 lanes all to win a trophy declaring one the Holy Roller 2010.

Our models posing for a picture.

A few members of The Back Pew Crew (yes that’s our youth group!) pose for a picture.

Let the fun begin!

And the Holy Roller award goes to:
Angie who represented God’s Squad

Art representing Kisses (X) No Hugs (0)

Steve “My trophy case is full” representing Faith 2 Spare!

John representing the over 40 crowd Aches and Pains

Looking forward to next year!

2 thoughts on “Holy Rollers Unite

  1. This made me smile. Thanks, I needed to smile this morning as I head out to school. I could not make it to MX this week in time for her, but God knows the WHYs of things. My thing is to ask of the HOWs as Pastor said yesterday.
    I love my church family. Saturday they laughed with me, yesterday some cried with me. We are a family in every sense of the word.

    Way to go Oaisis!

  2. Malcolm and I are laughing at Steve’s pic his “Oh I did it again” pose! I have a pic of myself when I was little that looks just like Angie when she is getting ready to bowl!!! I need to get a copy and frame them 😀 I LOVE MY CHURCH FAMILY THEY ARE ALL AMAZING PEOPLE WITH BIG HEARTS!!

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