A Friend Of Failure


Want to see your dreams go down the drain? Then just keep putting them off. Procrastination is a friend of failure. Putting those things off that need to be done today is a quick way to not have them happen. I believe in windows of opportunity. I also believe that when windows close then you’ve missed an opportunity and a critical moment in your life has passed.

I don’t want to get to heaven and see all the possibilities that I missed because I procrastinated. To procrastinate means to put things off needlessly, or through habitual laziness or carelessness. This means that my life has to be purposed and ordered if I want to make the most out of it. Simple things that could have been taken care of become seemingly insurmountable when they pile up. That laundry that you put off doing until next week only means that next week it will take you longer to finish, as you’ll have more loads to do. That report that is due in three weeks can be worked on without pressure doing a little each day or you can put yourself through stress trying to get the report done the night before it’s due. Recently our daughter had a report due and she didn’t get it completed until the night before it was due. Guess what? Our printer ran out of ink and all the stores were closed. Procrastination can hurt your end result.

Seize opportunities as they arise. Learn to pace yourself so that you no longer live in the tyranny of the urgent. Your anxiety and stress will begin to ease and you will live a more purposed life, as there will be nothing hanging over your head. Want to be a winner in life? Then lose that friend procrastination. It does nothing for you but hold you back from your destiny.

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