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Michael LeBoeuf, author of The Millionaire in You says “Winners focus; losers spray”. I love this because it’s so true. Winners focus on a goal. Which is why vision is so important. You’ve got to stay focused.

What does it mean when he says, losers spray? We all have the friend who dates many people but isn’t looking to settle down. I know someone who is so good at the serial dating that he buys them all the same gift at Christmas so as not to get him confused. Yes, one year they all got Coach purses, another year leather jackets. He has given them each a different date for his birthday so that each one could celebrate, to be honest I don’t know if the birthday I have is for real either. He is very careful to call them all the same pet name. He is not looking to be a winner in the relationship department. He is spraying many targets thinking when he is ready one may hit. This method would be a complete waste of time if his goal were to score a relationship.

It’s the same concept with our job, business ideas and personal goals and yet, so many times we get scattered. We lose focus and go off in a different direction, spraying our resources of time and talent and money in a variety of directions. The one thing I know about winners is they stay focused. Remember Michael Jordan the king of basketball? Then suddenly he decided to spray his talent and play baseball but he wasn’t good at baseball because his gift and focus for so long had been basketball. We all wanted him to be great at baseball but it wasn’t happening that way.

Most millionaires who didn’t inherit their wealth did so because they had focus. They had tenacity and a belief in their goals. If you are saving to buy a house then don’t spray and go out and buy a new car. Get a goal in mind, stick to it and don’t lose focus. Want to change your marriage? Then focus in on it and make a successful marriage your goal. Read the books that will help you, change yourself first instead of pointing a finger and don’t go listening to this friend and that family member and that other co-worker. Focus. Write this quote down somewhere, it’s important. Winners focus; losers spray.

2 thoughts on “Winners Focus Losers Spray

  1. At the same time, within the framework of what you’ve said about focusing on a goal, Ecclesiastes tells us to cast our bread on the waters, give to seven (perfect giving) and even eight (more of the same), for we never know what will be successful—this or that, or may be all of them. After many days our investment will come back to us.

    I think it’s vital we focus, but there are many roads to our goals and every investment will bring a harvest. In the end it all comes down to the relationships we build with the family of God through Christ and the world around us. Those who become successful and last in any enterprise have developed good relationships with their clientel and business partners.

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