All I Got Was A Rock 2

This part 2 of a series we started yesterday. If you missed it, click here. photos/ 23564393@N06/ 2913006759/ photos/ 23564393@N06/ 2913006759/

In that moment when Eve decided to go for the wisdom that was being offered, her flesh craved that wisdom more than her soul craved God. She opted for the momentary pleasure knowing full well that death would follow. It really is about whom you feed the most, flesh or soul. I think this is why the bible says things like, “taste and see that the Lord is good”, “my soul thirsts for you”. God knows that the flesh is hungry for things we desire that aren’t always what we need. We were created to crave both in our flesh and soul. And often our soul loses as we feed our flesh. Just like Adam and Eve lost when their flesh craved a piece of fruit more than their soul craved God.

John Bevere said, I believe it was in his book A Heart Ablaze, where he had read ancient writings of the life of Adam and Eve after the garden. In these writings it says Adam was depressed and despondent. That he spent days sitting in caves, that he attempted suicide but that God would not let him die. He had lost everything; he was for the first time alone and desolate as his soul sat starving. He rarely spoke again. How incredibly sad to lose it all! Think about when a spouse decides to have an affair the pain of that affair is inflicted on the family and the effect to their husband or wife as they pull the rug out from under their lives. The aftermath of that is also devastating if there are children as sin is always personal but never private, it affects many. The incredible sharp crushing pain to the heart. Now imagine that pain multiplied by infinity and you begin to catch a glimpse of Adam’s loss. It no longer mattered that his death wasn’t physical, he had died spiritually. I believe this is what happens when people commit suicide. They are empty internally and all that is left is flesh. They have lost all hope of anything ever filling them again.

We were all created with a soul that craves the things of God and God himself. Every single one of us needs relationship and love and acceptance. We all were made to crave those things that sustain like food can’t. Babies die without a loving touch and old people wilt away without a family. We are all created to need each other.

If in fact, we can’t help it and feeding the flesh becomes a bigger priority than feeding the soul then we are dying a slow and agonizing death. There is no long-term pleasure in the pain it causes. If we truly can’t control the cravings, if that’s in fact true, then we are living no better than the animals we profess to be above in the food chain. In the meantime, your soul is dying out because it needs the ties of humanity and to something bigger than itself to exist.

People live year after year, gathering rocks in their pillowcase, always expecting a different result but never experiencing the full life that was set before them. To really want to live a life with purpose and passion isn’t all about self and selfish cravings, it’s about giving yourself what you need and thereby feeding others something more than the rocks that have been collected. If we are really going to live a life worth living then that’s about deep friendships, beautiful love, a life of service and a heart that worships God, those are the things that the soul desires. Those are the lasting things.

One thought on “All I Got Was A Rock 2

  1. I am not sure why this comes to mind but, I guess when you say “giving of yourself”. It reminds me on a certain Sunday a month we go and serve others at a kitchen in a church, it’s called “manna” well I hadn’t been there in awhile and Iwent yesterday I had a good time it’s fellowshipping and serving, mingling. We just give to others but, someone was missing. We have a gentleman that has lived in Los Banos all his life, and he was an acquintance of my dads, his son went to school with my brother, he was a good friend of mine, his dad unfortunately had an addiction to alcohol. He came to manna on a regular basis sometimes he was intoxicated, I would always make coffee because I knew that was the first thing he would drink, to sober up some. At times his hands would shake, so I would carry his coffee or soup to his table so he wouldn’t burn himself. He always danced while the worship music was on, sometimes he would do karate moves, he knew the words to the songs and he knew the Lord, he just had a strong addiction that consumed his life. Well I hear he passed away, nothing in the newspaper (that I saw) no one talks about it, but yesterday I was saddened his presence was very much missed by me, and his same group of friends were there, I was just sad that he wasn’t. I am very thankful for the days I was able to sit at his table and conversate with him, for the days I was able to carry his food for him. When he left he always said “Thank you sweethearts see you next time.”
    I am sad that next time didn’t come

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